Pen Review For Faber-Castell Ambition Pearwood by Babak

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Faber-Castell Ambition Pearwood
The Faber Castell brand is known for making art supplies and instruments. However, they are also noteworthy in producing fine fountain pens. The Ambition Pearwood is no exception. The great German craftsmanship comes through with a beautiful pearwood body and solid chrome cap. The pen has a traditional flair, while being fit for any contemporary writer.

The body of the Ambition Pearwood is a traditional piece of art, combining the natural wood and the steel ascents. The pearwood has a soft and smooth finish. The pen has a good length to it and is of medium thickness. The color is a rich and vibrant mix of reddish and brown wood. The pen itself is surprisingly light when not posted. When posted the cap snaps on tight and secure. The posted pen almost transforms, as it is now a substantial medium weight and over an inch longer than it already is. Still, it is not top heavy and comfortable in the hand. When gripping the pen, the fingers tend to be more steady on the pearwood, rather than the small amount of chrome ascent before the nib.

The Ambition Pearwood is a very dependable pen, with a durable yet smooth steel nib. For example, the broad nib has an almost marker like thickness. This is extra level of thickness is to be expected for a German nib. It writes exceptionally smooth for a steel nib, with the ink flowing effortlessly. There is very little drag or resistance when the nib touches the paper. The pen is available in fine and medium for those weary of that broad German nib. It comes with a Standard International converter for convenience and can also take the Standard International cartridges.

A great daily user for those looking for a natural appeal, the Ambition Pearwood Fountain Pen is solid piece of craftsmanship for under $150. The German precision is evident on the steel nib and chrome accents, while the smooth and eye catching pearwood looks and feels comfortable.

- Vicki