Sailor Storia Bottled Ink

Sailor Storia
At first glance the ink boxes on the new Japanese Sailor Storia ink bottles appear to be primary colors with whimsical circus related characters. The words: Dancer, Lion, Spotlight, Clown and Balloon are just some of these designations. The round cardboard housing with the bright colored labels I found reminiscent of my childhood Play-Doh modeling clay. The bottles are opaquely frosted and gives the effect of something precious inside.

After testing each shade the nano-particle ink leans more towards pastel shades as opposed to bold primary colors. This water-resistant ink lays wonderfully on the paper with a consistent wash effect even when used with a fine nibbed pen. The Lion light brown color is the boldest of the colors lending itself to the possibly of an everyday writing ink that makes a strong statement.

I recommend this new ink, especially to those youngsters ones who are seeking an entry level door into the world of fountain pens. The opportunity to revisit the joy of the childhood circus through these wonderfully named and packaged inks, is attractive to children of all ages.

- Vicki Marshall