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Penmanship Writing Corner

Write Often

If you really want to improve your penmanship you need to practice, An occasional note, birthday card , and a grocery list is a chance to practice, as is the ‘honey do’ list. But if you are serious about being able to showcase your exemplary penmanship skills keep a journal, pen a short story or copy cursive writing from a template, anything that will give you more experience forming letters and words.

I must admit my cursive is excellent; it must have been all those black and white composition books where I had to practice over and over again each letter of the alphabet. Like anything worthwhile, it takes time. But don’t despair, it will most likely take less than the twelve years I practiced in school!

It is a personal preference as to what writing tool you use. Rollerball pens are so smooth that they writer smoothly with the least amount of pressure. On the other hand, more pressure is required to write with ballpoint pens. If you write small, and want to explore writing with a fountain pen, you’ll probably want to go with a fine-tipped pen so your writing becomes more legible. If you write in a very simple, minimalistic way without much embellishment, you might want to try writing with a stub-nibbed fountain pen or a chisel-tipped pen just to see how that might change your writing. Whatever you decide “Write-on!”