Fountain Pen Gifts for Your Valentine

Perfect Fountain Pen Gifts for Your Valentine

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Do you find your blood pressure rising every year as Valentine’s Day approaches? Sure it’s all about hearts and love and naked cherubs shooting arrows. What could be more exciting than that?

The problem is—the gift!

How do you find the perfect gift for your loved one if they already have everything or are exceptionally picky? And what if you just can’t find a gift special enough to truly reflect how much you love your significant other?

May we suggest pen-related gifts for your loved one? If they have at least one fountain pen, they’ve opened the door for you to give them a raft of gifts to complement their writing utensil.

And if they don’t have a fountain pen, you could start with that and then follow up on subsequent holidays with accessories. (See, we’re already setting you up for success with birthdays, Christmas, etc.) Owning and using a fountain pen daily is a very different experience from writing with the collection of plastic ballpoints that may be floating around in your junk drawer. Each fountain pen is unique. They use different nibs or tips made from a variety of diverse materials. Each one offers a singular writing experience. Combine that with a wide variety of inks and colors, and the possibilities are endless.

So let’s take a look at just a few of the gifts that any fountain pen owner would be happy to receive.

Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies

For the person who already owns an extensive collection of fountain pens, a collection of maintenance supplies to keep their pens in pristine working condition would be greatly appreciated. You can buy a pre-assembled kit from a pen specialty store or pick up a few individual items that fit your budget. Here are a few ideas.

  • Pen Loupe – If you have bought jewelry in the past, you have probably seen a jeweler examine small stones under strong magnification. Like a jeweler’s loupe, a pen loupe magnifies the tip of the pen, allowing the owner to see and correct problems with the two small tines at the tip of the pen.
  • Brass Sheets – Brass is a soft metal. As such, thin sheets of it can be used to carefully clean between the tines of a fountain pen’s nib where ink and paper fibers may collect.
  • Micro Mesh and Mylar Paper – Available in varying degrees of abrasion similar to sandpaper, these materials are used to smooth out the tip of a fountain pen that has become scratchy with use. Before sanding the tines of your nib, however, you should ensure that they are straight and well-aligned with one another.
  • Pen Flush and Bulb Syringe – For those that enjoy using a variety of inks, it is necessary to flush the old ink out of the pen first. Distilled water will usually do the trick. However, over time ink builds-up inside the pen. A quality pen flush solution can break down and rinse out the old ink.

Pen Sleeves and Cases

Pen Sleeves and Cases


The number of pens that your significant other owns will likely dictate the type of fountain pen case they need. Pen sleeves are a good option for storing and transporting a single pen. These soft cases protect the pen from damage while going back and forth to the office in a briefcase or purse.

However, pen enthusiasts rarely own just one pen. The determining factor in what type of case to buy may actually be how and where the pens are typically used. If they are usually rolling around a desk drawer or littered across the top of the desk, there are great desktop storage options.

A desktop pen stand is a very stylish way to display your pens while keeping them organized and protected. When choosing a desktop stand, look for one that holds the pens securely in place. You don’t want the pens to spill out onto the floor if the desk is bumped or when you close the heavy bottom drawer.

Another beautiful way to display and store a larger collection of pens is a fountain pen display case. Usually a wooden box with glass inset into the lid, this storage box resembles a jewelry box. The top of the box can store several pens lying in rows. A drawer in the bottom stores even more pens. The box protects the pens from dust and dirt while allowing them to be on display at the same time.

Wax Seal or Embosser Kit

For the letter-writer in your life, a wax seal kit enables them to add that finishing touch to their correspondences. Not to mention the fact that it makes their letter impressively unique. The wax seal can be personalized with a letter of their choosing and different colors of sealing wax.

Just remember that wax is relatively soft, and as such, a wax seal can be susceptible to disfiguring with friction or heat. Make sure to buy high quality wax that will stand up to the elements. Another option is an embosser, which presses your seal into a metallic sticker that will still be unique to you. It’s a stylish, durable alternative to a wax seal.

Special Journal and Paper

Fountain pens can write on any paper. However, the difference between writing on cheap lined paper and fountain pen paper is significant. To those who know, quality paper is a joy to use. You can buy paper in a wide variety of sizes and colors. If you buy a bound notebook, a good accompaniment would be a leather cover to protect the paper from drops and spills.

Does your loved one enjoy journaling or writing in a diary? The high quality diary that you buy her this year could be the one that she uses to record all of your adventures together. It may just be the story that you read over and over together years from now.

Unique Ink

Unique Ink

One of the joys of owning a fountain pen is the ability to change the ink that you use to whatever you choose. Pen lovers are typically ink fanatics as well. An assortment of unique ink pen refill types and colors can be fun to try. Look for limited edition colors that are less likely to be in their collection already.

You don’t need to know everything about fountain pens to find a fantastic gift that your valentine will love. Fountain pens are a long-term investment and the gifts you give now will likely be around for years to come to remind them of how much you care. Taking an interest in something that brings them joy will mean a lot. And if they haven’t yet discovered the joy of fountain pens, introducing them to the enhanced experience of writing with a quality pen is a gift that keeps giving.