Sailor ProGear Slim Mini - North America Exclusive

Sailor ProGear Slim Mini - North America Exclusive - It's Back!

We hope everyone is doing well, and is able to find more positive things during this pandemic, whether it's a new hobby or a hobby that you're able to focus more on! We are still so appreciative of everyone who has been supporting our small business. We've been trying to make sure we can do the best we can with our limited staff! We are excited to announce that Sailor is bringing back the ProGear Slim Mini to North America! It’s been almost 10 years since it has been available here, and it has only been produced in Japan in limited quantities since. How exciting to have them back here!

Also known as the “Sapporo Mini”, this adorable mini pro gear comes in six new and modern colors that feature gold trim and a 14k medium fine (MF) gold nib.

The colors available are: Mustard Yellow, Slate Green, Stellar Blue, Rose Taupe, Blush Pink, and Taupe.

The Professional Gear Slim Mini is just a smaller version of the Professional Gear Slim. When capped, the Slim Mini is 106 mm in length - or 18 mm shorter than the Slim. However, when posted, it is only 11 mm shorter. It’s a great option because it is easy to carry, since it is compact, but is not too far from the normal size of the slim while posted.

However, due to its shorter size, this pen is not able to use a standard converter, and therefore does not come with one. It only will take the standard Sailor cartridges. Although, you could use a syringe to refill the cartridges with your preferred ink!

We do only have a limited quantity of these, and they are currently up for pre-order right now! Let us know if you have any questions! also Mustard is on backorder but they are on backorder and we should receive it in a month.