Spring Is Coming!

Spring Is Coming!


One of my favorite parts of spring, aside from the sun staying out longer, is when the Cherry Blossoms start to bloom! The area I live in has a lot of cherry blossoms, and I love walking around my neighborhood to admire them. We even have a Cherry Blossom festival near us in Washington D.C!


Cherry blossoms are celebrated around the world, and can have a lot of meaning behind them, especially in Japan. In Japan, the small flowers produced by the trees are known as "sakura". They represent renewal and the beauty of life, and much like cherry blossoms, goes by too quickly. It's a good reminder to live our life to the fullest, to celebrate, and cherish the times we are given here. 
Cherry Blossoms are also a popular theme in the pen world. Various pens and inks inspired by the beauty and elegant flowers. The color is vibrant, but also doesn't feel too overwhelming to write with. Here are some of my favorite Cherry Blossom inspired inks!

Noodler's "Tokyo Gift"


Kyoto "Kyo-iro Cherry Blossoms of Keage"

Sailor's Manyo "Sakura"

What's your favorite part of spring, and what inks inspire you most with the upcoming season? Here's to warmer weather....hopefully!