The fashionably steampunk Grappa series from Montegrappa!!

Montegrappa Steampunk Grappa

A stunning writing instrument that looks like it just jumped out of a steampunk novel directly into your hand. Sparking ideas of the two worlds colliding, igniting the imagination!

This cult collection turned out to be a break-through phenomenon in the industry.

Innovative for its steampunk design and local-roots idea, it is already setting up a trend on the market.

The hand-made hammered copper body and the stainless-steel trim, culminating into a cork cap top, are as fantastically uncommon for a writing instrument as only Montegrappa can be.

The Grappa collection will be offered as a fountain or a rollerball pen, limited to the Montegrappa’s foundation year-number 1912 for each of the two modes.

The Grappa fountain pen is fit traditionally with a customized 18k gold nib, and is both cartridge or converter-fed.

Montegrappa delivers the Grappa collection in exclusively designed boxes, as much impactful as the product itself, with the writing instrument to be exhibited within a real blown-glass grappa bottle!

Beautifully sleek and Steampunk distinguished, this is a must have!!

- James Tiney