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Top Picks for Fall Inks

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                         Top 5 Fall Inspired Inks


Now that it's fall, and starting to feel like it here in Maryland, it's time to bring out those dreamy fall inks! 

My 5 favorite fall inks are:

Diamine Autumn Oak 

Autumn Oak is a dark orange, similar to a burnt orange. It has a nice medium shading to it, and reminds me a lot of fall! It is not water resistant, and does have a longer drying time -- but it is worth it!

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Diamine Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a medium, vibrant orange that is what we think of when think of pumpkins! It is very vibrant, perfect for October! Just like the Autumn Oak, though, it is not water resistant and has a longer drying time. 

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Monteverde Pumpkin Cake

I wouldn't recommend eating this, but it is perfect for the season as we all are enjoying pumpkin bread, cookies, cakes, and other fall goodies! It has a decent range for shading as well!

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Colorverse Coffee Break

Coffee Break reminds us of that warm, cocoa brown and a hot cup of coffee on a chilly, fall day. It almost looks convincing enough to be a coffee stain!

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Sailor's USA Collection: Virginia

This ink is brand new and part of Sailor's USA Collection! As a Virginia-born resident, this color is spot on! It has a fun sheen to it, and is very vibrant like the state's bird, the Cardinal. 

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What is your favorite fall ink? 

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