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Can you bring your fountain pen in flight without getting ink everywhere?

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When you are used to having your favorite fountain pen within reach all the time, you may not want to leave it behind when you go on business trips or even vacation. Unfortunately, we have all seen what changes in cabin pressure can do to travel-size toiletries. You are right to be concerned that the ink from your pen could spill all over your luggage in transit. Keep reading to find out more about traveling with fountain pens from our pen enthusiasts.

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Martin Seeley

Martin Seeley

Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay.

Top it Up Before Your Flight

You can bring a fountain pen on a flight depending on how much ink it’s carrying. A full fountain pen won’t leak because [there is no] air to expand and mess with your ink. That’s why bringing an old, partially filled fountain pen is most likely to mess up your luggage.

George Mouratidis

George Mouratidis

George Mouratidis, Marketing Professional at SIM Tourist.

How You Carry Your Pen Matters

When traveling with a fountain pen, the main issue is ink spilling from the pen due to cabin pressure variations. Ink spilling from a fountain pen is due to capillary action and gravity.

Carrying a fountain pen inside your luggage is fine. You may carry a fountain pen as long as the nib is pointing upward. Gravity and any other pressures will not force ink from the pen if the nib is kept pointed upward. If you are unable to do so, I advise you to empty your pen or simply leave it.

Lucas Travis

Lucas Travis

Lucas Travis, Founder of Inboard Skate.

Three Safe Ways to Travel with a Fountain Pen

If you intend to fly with a fountain pen, you have three simple choices for keeping the pen and your other possessions safe during the flight:

  • Load your pen to the maximum with ink, leaving no room for air.
  • Remove all of the ink from your pen.
  • Store your inked pen in a well-sealed container.

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