Upcoming Release: Sailor State Inks

Upcoming Release: Sailor State Inks


We are very excited for the recent release of the new state inks from Sailor! This release includes Maryland -- how exciting! It also includes Alaska as well! 




The Maryland ink is inspired by our state's flower: The black eyed susan. It's a mixture of yellow from the petals and dark brown from the center of the flower. It's a special formula where you can shade it to be as dark as the darkest brown, or light like the yellow petals. I think that would look really interesting for drawings or calligraphy! 



Alaska's color is a bright icy blue, reminiscent of the chilly glaciers that covers majority of their area.

Funny enough, it also reminds me of the clear blue waters of getting into a chilly pool on a hot summer day. 



These will be available for purchase soon! Hopefully by the end of April or beginning of May 2021. Click the images below to check them out!




Have a great weekend and keep on writing!