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Why do people love collecting things like pens?

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The desire to collect objects is something that comes naturally to many people. From the time we are very small, we bring home little trinkets from school, a friend’s house, or the grocery store. What is it that draws us in and makes us want to accumulate them? Keep reading to find out what these collectors believe drives us to be collectors.

Jack Miller

Jack Miller

Jack Miller is the founder of How I Get Rid Of.

Collecting to Capture Specific Memories

I’ve done a little research on why people like me collect stuff. According to experts, it’s all connected to our early childhood years when the baby blanket provides a form of emotional security.

But, at least for me, I collect things to capture specific memories. I’m not the type who takes pictures because I’d rather live these moments. These little mementos immediately bring me back to these places.

Who knows? Maybe there is also a connection with what experts say, but at least I get to relive these memories through something I can hold in my hand, which I think beats a photograph by just a few notches.

Niyla Carson

Niyla Carson

Niyla Carson has graduated in Food Science and Human Nutrition and currently works as the nutritionist of FFMP.

Satisfaction and Sense of Ownership

Simply because it’s satisfying! People collect small tokens like pens and other stationery products because it gives them a certain satisfaction and a sense of ownership - like owning a small museum of your own with your prized possessions, no matter the size and the price.

It is also therapeutic. Collecting these kinds of things is easier since, aside from being cheaper, they are also more common. There’s always something in the little things (that aren’t little at all!)

Ann Young

Ann Young

Ann Young, Co-Inventor and CEO of Fix The Photo. She is also a writer-photographer based in NY with 18 years of experience.

Psychology Behind Collecting Objects

The psychology behind collecting things varies from person to person. For people that collect as a hobby, there is a unique story behind each object. Some help individuals connect to their childhood with a nostalgic component, whereas some are collected for fun. Either way, the enjoyment behind collecting a variety of objects drives people to build an assortment. Many collect for the recognition and prestige behind putting together the best or the most valuable collection of a particular object that no one else can.

Lucas Travis

Lucas Travis

Lucas Travis, Founder of Inboard Skate.

Being a collector could bring you social contacts.

You could meet other collectors or be recognized by them. In this way, you may share your love of beautiful things, as well as the information you've learned over the years.

Charles McMillan

Charles McMillan

Charles McMillan, Businessman, and Founder of Stand With Main Street.

Collecting is an Investment

Numerous people see collecting rare and old stuff, such as antiques, stamps, coins, toys, and even rare whiskies, as an investment. Many assume that amassing rare or old goods will prove beneficial in the long run and give some financial security.

On the other hand, most collectors begin their collections for a different purpose. People quickly discover that the thrill and pleasure of discovering a new gem for their collection becomes their major motivation.

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  • Collecting can link us to the past. We can see through the eyes of history. I relish using my Mother’s Shaffer pen from 1934. It was a gift from my grandfather. It was used extensively in her diary and job.It’s a family thing.

    Loouis B Baggett on

  • I’ve been collecting writing instruments for years my favorite is Caren d’ache- although I have virtually every brand I began buying Caren d’ache- in Paris in the late 1970s and have more of them now than I know what to do with.

    Daniel Dolce on

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