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World Day for Cultural Diversity

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As popular the notion of virtual reality bringing the world together is there is something more that keeps the world and the people together. That thing is cultural diversity. In November, 2001 the UN General Assembly recognized the role of culture in enabling sustainable development and saw its potential as a source of new ideas and way of thinking. By the end of the next year, the General Assembly had declared 21 May to be the World Day for Cultural Diversity. The observance is the reminder of the rich hub of cultural diverseness that our world is and its importance.

The day is an opportunity to understand the value of cultural diversity and to learn to live together in peace and harmony. Also, the day magnifies the values we can learn from one culture and teach to other, and in doing so develop together. The day also carries a powerful message about social and cultural inclusion, and to some extent can prove to be a tool to eradicate bullying and discrimination. Pen Boutique is proud to be a team with members from diverse communities, races and cultures. Together with all our differences, uniqueness and ways of thinking, we make the company better. And if the company can function smoothly despite and because of the diverseness, we believe that the world can too.

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