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Fountain pen Day 2021.

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FOUNTAIN PEN DAY: Taking place on 1st Friday of November every year, it is a day to remind and rejoice the use of fountain pen. Fountain pen experts try to promote this fountain pen to the newbies and also those who are skeptics of fountain pen. Fountain pen Dealers try to promote fountain pens and often it is also called the "Black Friday" of the Fountain Pen World. Many deals come and fountain pen lovers flock and splurge on the fountain pen. Many even do an early Christmas shopping of the fountain pen and inks and vow that they will only open this as a gift on the Christmas. How many succeed it is a mystery!!! I know that I am a failure!!! I end up using some ink and especially the Diamine ink vent calendar, I control a lot but then eventually I succumb as I want to know how the ink looks like!! What are you up-to this fountain pen day? thank you sincerely Leena.

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  • My favorite fountain is the Sailor 1911! A close second is the Monteverde Regatta! love the unique barrel and magnetic cap

    Tim Brown on

  • I failed resisting the inkvent calendar today. Rolled a random number and got #16. Not sorry at all, lol.

    Andrew T on

  • TSWBI are my favorite pens! Especially with a stub nib.

    Lori Martin on

  • Thank you for the opportunity!

    George Antonio on

  • Favourite pen has got to be the Montblanc 146. Timeless classic.

    Balerca Octavian on

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