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Cross Apogee

Pure couture—from the way it feels, to the way it makes you feel. A perfect balance of streamlined style and classic proportions, in elegant haberdashery finishes that are anything but business as usual. Archival in inspiration, romantic by tradition, Cross Apogee is the pinacle of 21st century design.The Cross Apogee pens features imported European lacquers uniquely tinted to achieve the desired color. Each pen is then hand polished and protected by multiple coats of water clear lacquer. The fountain pen's 18 Karat Gold/Rhodium Plated nib features a graceful engraved pattern exclusive to Apogee. The nib (available in four widths, medium, broad, fine & extra fine) guarantees the unique pleasure of pen-in-hand as the fluid ink glides across the page and brings each letter's curve alive. The fountain pen fills via cartridge/converter filling system.The Cross Apogee pens come in ballpoint, rollerball pen ( select tip pens) and fountain pens. The pens have a good weight on it with a spring clip - A new unique design to make sure that pen stays in the shirt pocket and at the same time it does not put pressure on the shirt pocket while inserting it.