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Kalifano, founded by Alexander Kalifano, is a company that has carved out an impeccable name for itself with its uncontested determination to produce some of the greatest items on the market. Kalifano is the largest purveyor of the world’s finest hand carved vases, Tiffany Lamps, Sterling Silver jewelry, gemstone jewelry and a myriad of other precious artworks and artifacts. Despite their unprecedented success in the aforementioned fields, their specialty is and always has been their Crystal and Wooden Globes. These unbelievable, hand-crafted works of art are some of the most beautifully decorated earth globes the world has to offer. These globes feature all of the major continents and countries of the world crafted and patterned with material such as wood, marble, jade and over 25 other semi-precious stones. Created with the utmost attention to craftsmanship and precision, Kalifano pieces are guaranteed to be an intriguing addition to any office space.