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Lamy ABC

As strange looking as you may find the Lamy abc, do remember it’s exclusively unique. Lamy defines Lamy abc as the perfect pen for beginners but no doubts on it being enjoyed by practiced pen lovers too. If it be true that it’s a beginner’s pen, it can be perfect for your kids or perhaps, yourself. Special design to meet the needs of children and the ergonomically shaped grip for natural and relaxed positioning of fingers will make it an instant hit among the new comers in fountain world. The maple wood body along with plastic cube and cap adds to the features. The grip is non slippery but the best thing is yet to be told- the name sticker. Isn’t that cool? Let the world know you own a Lamy ABC. Steel nib, polished. Cartridge filling system with Lamy T 10 blue ink cartridge and can be used with the Z 24 converter. Also available with special nib for left-handed writers.