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Montegrappa Game of Thrones

The Montegrappa Game of Thrones ( GOT) dedicates the pens to the 4 houses. The serial already a super mega hit is now captured in these pens. Choose your clan or may choose all to show the different clans according to your mood. The pens come in fountain pen, rollerball pens, and ballpoint pens. The fountain pen is international cartridge or converter fill. The ballpoint pen is a Parker style refill which can be alternated with a Parker style gel refill. Ask us and we will send this as extra with your order. Baratheon: Colored a somber charcoal, but accented with contrasting yellow gold, the House Baratheon pen features a stag’s head for its pocket clip, with a stag rampant on the cap’s top, above the motto, “Our Is The Fury”. A fleur-de-lis pattern decorates the cap.Lannister: For House Lannister, a regal red accented in contrasting yellow gold is the dominant color. The House Lannister pen features a lion’s head for its pocket clip, and a lion rampant on the cap’s top, above the motto, “Hear Me Roar”. A floral pattern, reminiscent of the Tudor Rose, decorates the cap.Stark: With House Stark’s northern origins, the color chosen for the family’s pen is a silvery-white, accented in Palladium, conveying winter. The cap is patterned with a runic symbol reminiscent of Norse artistry. A direwolf’s head forms the pocket clip, while the top of the cap shows the direwolf’s profile, above the motto, “Winter Is Coming.”Targaryen: Only a fiery, metallic red against a coal-black background could represent House Targaryen. Naturally, a dragon’s head forms the pocket clip, while a dragon coils above the legend, “Fire and Blood”, on the cap’s top. A filigree pattern graces the cap.Please, Game of Throne is a registered trade mark of the television drama from HBO. Pen Boutique is only a dealer of Montegrappa Pens in USA.