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Namiki Emperor

Write to rule your kingdom with Namiki Emperor luxurious masterpieces!

For an aficionado, Namiki Emperor Collection is a pleasant surprise. Executed in governing styles of endurance and magnificence, the Emperor Collection corresponds to the finest art of a veteran pen maker. Exquisite interpretations of traditional Japanese designs, the Emperor series is crafted with the charcoal burnished Togidashi-maki-e technique. Fountain pens like Goldfish, Crane, Mandarin Duck, Kylin, Treasure and Rabbit in Moonlight are hand painted in gold, lacquer and vibrant color pigments and harmonized with 18 karat gold and rhodium accented nib. For as handsome as they are, Namiki Emperor is designed to rule. The tradition is further accentuated by the use of traditionally lucrative Oriental Wood Gift Box; an emperor deserves all the lavishness after all.