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Pilot Justus

Balanced yet robust!

An epitome of sophistication and functionality, the Pilot Justus 95 fountain pen demonstrates the innovative mind of Pilot artisans. The pen utilizes an adjustable 14kt gold nib which allows the writer to adjust the nib according to his/her preference. The gripping area includes a twist knob; underneath you can find two alphabets 'H' and 'S'. Twist the knob to H and you'll have a hard nib that delivers consistent lines and smooth ink flow, turn the knob to 'S' and you'll have a flexible nib with great line variation. The hefty profile of the pen offers balanced writing experience and a robust grip. Justus 95 pens fill via cartridge/converter. These fine pens are provided in an elegant presentation gift box with the nib of your choice (fine and medium).