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S T Dupont Line D

Classic yet contemporary, stylish yet functional, simple yet sophisticated, the mesmerizing design of the S.T. Dupont Line D series will impress every pen enthusiast. Artisans at S.T. Dupont made a special Lacquer to create this collection. Each pen is crafted meticulously which is later coated with twelve layers of lacquer to ensure a great resistance and a shimmering finish. The series is available in three different writing modes: fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint. The fountain pen features a sturdy 14kt gold nib either in fine or medium, the ballpoint pen has a twist action mechanism that operates without a hiccup and the rollerball pen brings out the tenderness of writing, the tip glides as smoothly as a fountain pen and exhilarates the joy of writing. The perfect amalgamation of style and performance makes the S.T. Dupont Line D a decent companion for pen enthusiasts.