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Sailor Pens

Sailor is a pen company in Japan and they are very famous for their nibs and beautiful designs. Found in the year 1919 by Mr. Kyugoro Sakta who was an engineer after he was gifted a fountain pen by a British sailor. Hence, the name - Sailor. The nibs were then refined by the generations and eventually, they became the masters of the nib. For 6 decades Noboyushi Nagahara shared the craft and then passed on to his son Yukio Nagahara. The secret of nib manufacturing is still within the family intact. Fountain pen enthusiasts love the nibs made by Sailor, and many Sailor pens become part of their legacy. Sailor inks are also famous as these make a perfect compliment to the smooth fountain pen writing and functioning.

Pen Boutique is one of the few Bespoke Dealers of Sailor pens in the USA. We not only offer Sailor lines as authorized by Sailor company but also their bespoke lines like the Sailor Studio inks and Naginata-togi nibs.