October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Every 1 in 8 women are affected by  breast cancer in her lifetime.  Here at Pen Boutique, this has affected us very closely and for last 3 years we have been working closely with local Maryland ABCF ( American Breast Cancer Foundation) and donating a portion of our sales to them.  For the Month of October, any purchase we will be donating 1% of the total sales and for the pink pens we will be donating 5% of the sales to the ABCF.  We have also made our site to be in the color of "Pink" to support this cause and improve awareness.  Hopefully, we can at least be a cause of change. 


The American Breast Cancer Foundation (ABCF) is a national 501 (c)3 charity dedicated to providing educational resources, access and financial assistance to aid in the early detection, treatment, and survival of breast cancer for underserved and uninsured individuals, regardless of age or gender.