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Colorverse Ink - Project - 65ml

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The Colorverse Project contain 8 new gorgeous colors in single 65 ml bottles saturated in sheening and shading goodness! These are some of the most gorgeous inks, Colorverse has made to date and will not disappoint!

  1. Bluish Green
  2. Deep Purple
  3. Dirty Red
  4. Milky Lavender
  5. Cotton Blue
  6. Clear Cyan
  7. Shiny Black - Glistening
  8. Ornament Yellow - Glistening

Black - Glistening
Bluish Green
Deep Purple
Dirty Red
Milky Lavender
Cotton Blue
Clear Cyan
Yellow - Glistening


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Product Specifications

Brand Colorverse
Colors Blue
Compatibility Suitable for all Fountain Pen Brands
Material Glass Bottle
Size 65ml
Type Ink Bottle