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Can I monetize my pen collection?


Lots of people collect pens, just like they collect stamps, baseball cards, or those eclectic mounted-fish plaques. We collect these items because we like them and they have value for us. The question is, will your pen collection be valuable to anybody else? That depends on a host of different factors. We asked pen collectors to tell us how they go about selling their pens, and they offered these handy tips:

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William Taylor

William Taylor

William Taylor is the Senior Recruitment Advisor at VelvetJobs.

The Older the Pen the Higher the Price

Yes, you can monetize your pen collection, especially if they are vintage pens. Old pens can be quite valuable to other pen collectors, as well as other interested parties if they are in good condition. The older and more unique, the higher the prices such pens can fetch you. Be sure to get a professional valuation of the pen before putting it up for sale on pen forums and eBay.

Tony Grenier

Tony Grenier

Tony is a musician and a businessman. He is an expert in playing different musical instruments so he started the company, Instrumental Global.

Different Ways to Sell Your Pen Collection

Yes, you can monetize your pen collection by going to the right person or media. Before going to an antique or a collection store, try to put it up online for bidding. You can use eBay or even social media sites like Facebook to sell your collection. This will give you a rough estimate of how much people are willing to pay for your pen collection.

After that, go to the collection store and try to offer your collection. If their offer is a lot less, then mention that you have had a higher offer from social media. This will either drive their price up or they will let you go. Still, with any choice, you can still win as buyers are awaiting you on social media in case the store doesn't want them.

Lyle Solomon

Lyle Solomon

Lyle Solomon, Principal Lawyer at Oak View Law Group, APC.

Auction with Your Pens

You can absolutely monetize your pen collection! I have a number of brand names, custom, and limited-edition pens. However, you will very likely not get what you think you can.

Very few pens appreciate in value, especially if used. There are many pen collector groups out there, people who do auctions, and so on. However, if you are planning on selling pens for more than you paid, regardless of what eBay says, good luck!

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