Finding Affordable Prices for Fountain Pens and More

Finding Affordable Prices for Fountain Pens and More

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Are you looking to purchase a quality pen but don’t want the high-dollar price tag? Look no further. Plenty of options do indeed exist for pen lovers that want a fine writing instrument without spending a small fortune.

Pens come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. If you want to pay around $100, there is a pen for that. If you want to spend closer to $50, there is a pen for that too. In fact, there is a large selection of pens out there that are affordable yet don’t skimp on functionality, capabilities, or quality.

First, let’s clarify that not all writing instruments are created equal. There are unique components to every type of pen, and in turn, different pens produce specific writing experiences. Are you interested in a fountain or ballpoint pen? What about a multifunction or rollerball handwriting pen? To find the perfect pen, it’s a good idea to first figure out what kind of pen interests you. Here’s a quick summary to outline your various writing instrument options.

Fountain Pen: A fountain pen utilizes an ink reservoir that allows the ink to flow through the pointed end of the pen, referred to as the nib, by capillary action and the force of gravity.

Ballpoint Pen: A ballpoint pen is not designed with a nib, rather a small ball bearing that turns across the paper when in use and draws ink from a cartridge.

Multifunction Pen: A multifunction pen is ideal for someone that needs to easily switch between using a pen and pencil or even swap out ink colors and paper type.

Rollerball Pen: A rollerball pen is similar to a ballpoint pen since it relies on a small ball in the pen’s tip yet uses a liquid ink reservoir containing water or gel-based ink like a fountain pen.

Perhaps you are interested in a particular pen, or you want all of the above. Whatever catches your attention, you can most certainly find an affordable option in that style. Spending less does not mean you have to compromise on quality.

Lamy Pens - Below $100

Lamy Pens is a well-known and internationally recognized writing instrument brand. Founded in 1930, the Lamy brand really took flight in 1966 with the launch of the LAMY 2000. Operating as a family company from Heidelberg, it is the leading fountain pen manufacturer in Germany. Lamy Pens has more than 26 product collections and 200 pen models.

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As a best-selling brand of premium writing instruments, you can easily find a Lamy pen that fits your needs. For example, the innovative design of the Lamy Studio Fountain Pen makes writing a breeze. With its convex cylindrical polished steel body and dual-color 14k gold nib, you can feel the difference compared to other fountain pens. The propeller-shaped clip on the cap lends a touch of elegance to the streamlined body.

Pineider Pens - Around $100

The history of Pineider dates back to the 18th century. Francesco Pineider had an eye for beauty and elegance. What began as a small workshop in 1774 is now an international brand offering more than just luxury writing instruments. They also produce specialty paper, leather bags and briefcases, custom stationery, and office accessories.

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If you want a pen that you can make your own, the Pineider Metropolis Rollerball Pen is easily customizable. In fact, you can include a monogram, special date, or initials in the caseback with the included monogram and logo set. The ultra-resin body available in eight colors pearlescent colors makes the pen resistant to drops bumps.

Cross Pens - About $50

Founder Richard Cross was passionate about the art of writing. He established the A.T. Cross Company in 1846, and his legacy continued on when his son, Alonzo Townsend Cross, began creating and patenting his inventions. In 1889, the company even sold pencil casings made of fine gold and silver. As a global leader in the fine writing industry, Cross products are distributed to 140 countries around the world.

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The cutting-edge design of the Cross Tech3+ Multifunction Pen is one of a kind, allowing writers to switch between black ink, red ink, and 0.5mm pencil lead without carrying three writing implements. The continuous twist technology makes this pen a great writing choice for all your business and personal needs.

Other Pens Under $50

The list of excellent writing instrument options doesn’t end there. Check out the Diplomat Magnum Demo Fountain Pen with an ergonomic resin grip and a steel nib available in four sizes. The Lamy Logo Tri-Pen is a great budget pen that features a sleek, modern stainless steel body and options for blue, black, or red ink refills.

If you want the best writing experience, it all begins with a quality writing instrument. Finding a pen that is right for you is not impossible! Don’t feel discouraged thinking that your “unicorn” writing utensil is unattainable at an affordable price.

First, determine the type of pen that matches your desired results, then get shopping. If that pen ends up not being the perfect fit, no worries. Keep searching and consider what features are important to you.

A quality pen provides more than just a smoother application or cleaner look. A reliable pen provides confidence and security. Just because you are paying less does not mean you are getting less. Whether you are a novice looking to buy your first rollerball handwriting pen or a pen enthusiast wanting to expand your collection, quality pens can indeed be found at every price point and for every user if you know where to look.