Fine pens which compliments the Autumn!

Fall is here and it’s starting to finally feel like it! We here in the pen community love our seasonal themed pens, inks, and stationery. With fall comes a new season and some nostalgia. Today I thought I’d list and go over some fun products that are great for this upcoming season, new and old.

First, we have the new Pelikan Star Ruby.

The Pelikan Star Ruby is a special edition pen inspired by the gemstone: star ruby. Star Rubies are found to be rare because it can be difficult to find high-quality ones that fulfill both the vibrant color and the star reflection that it is known for.

They are mined from a variety of places: Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Africa, Cambodia, and the United States. However, India and Africa tend to be where more of the rare ones tend to be found.

The reason they are called “star rubies” is because when the light reflects off of it creates a six ray star. This is a phenomenon known as “asterism”.

I find that in person the glitter is definitely more prominent and the red/burgundy of the pen is a tiny bit brighter as well. It’s a great time for the release of this pen because it definitely suits the current and upcoming seasons/holidays! (It also has a matching ink, which would make a great gift set!)

Next up is the Estie Honeycomb.

The Estie Honeycomb is a beautifully designed pen. While the name may remind us of summer, the colors that are brought out in this pen make me want me to curl up with a hot cup of tea (with honey, of course),a good book or my journal, and watch the leaves fall.

I love the way this feels in my hand and the way it looks. I personally think the gold trim is such a great accent to the rich and smooth warm golds/yellows blended into this pen.

Lamy Lx -Marron:

The Lamy LX Marron, also a recently released pen, is another great pick for the fall with its rich brown, autumnal tones. When I see this pen I think of chocolate or coffee. At a great price, you can’t go wrong with one of the Lamy LX’s. I, personally think that Lamy has a wide selection for a diverse amount of people, and really enjoy that aspect of their selection.

Now, if you’re like me, you love an ink that’s going to match either one of these pens, or your own fall collection. A couple of great colors, or what I think are great additions for fall, are Diamine’s “Autumn Oak, Pilot Iroshizoku’s “Momiji” (Autumn Leaves), and Monteverde’s Sweet Life “Pumpkin Cake”.

The “Momiji” is a deep red color, however it does lean more towards the pink side of the spectrum, depending on how it’s being used. It is a very saturated red, however, especially when written. It definitely reminds me of red leaves during this time of year!

“Autumn Oak” reminds me of a more fall orange: you know, pumpkins and leaves versus neon orange popsicles or summer. I think it can be dynamic without going overboard, and brings a fun and creative color to your writing palette.

Monteverde’s Sweet Life “Pumpkin Cake” is a rich brown color that, at least to me, has some orange slightly mixed in there. Now that it’s fall it’s kind of wrong to not have a pumpkin ink, right?

We also have some great stationary, too, to match with these pens and inks: The Rhodia Heritage notebooks and the recently added Field Notes Autumn Trilogy.

The Rhodia Heritage notebooks, which are limited edition, immediately reminded me of the fall, especially the plaid patterned one! I am absolutely obsessed with this pattern and color scheme. For this line they have the Tartan, Checkered, and Escher designs in graph and lined.

We also recently got in the Field Notes 2019 Autumn Trilogy Notebooks! These are Limited Edition Notebooks. The colors they chose were “Warm Red”, “Safety Yellow”, and “Scarlet”. These colors are approximately the same color as the leaf colors of the American Sugar Maple, American Elm, and Scarlet Oak. Each notebook features a realistic debossed leaf from each specific tree. These are simple yet beautiful colors, and something small you can just throw in your bag.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog and I hope you enjoyed the variety of pens, inks, and notebooks we looked at! Hopefully it’ll start to feel like fall soon!