Montblanc's New Great Character collection is - Walt Disney -

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Montblanc Great Characters: Walt Disney

Something huge that was apart of my childhood, and the childhoods of many other children growing up over the last 96 years was and is Disney. Disney brought out imagination, creativity, and magic to life and it has become a legacy around the world. From their adaptations of well known fairy tales, to the well loved Mickey Mouse, Disney has had a place in our hearts and dreams.

This month Montblanc released a pen inspired by Walt Disney, as a part of their Great Characters collection. When you wish upon a star, I guess dreams really do come true. This is definitely a sleek, innovative pen that reflects the beloved Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse was originally not a mouse. Originally he began as a rabbit, known as Oswald. Oswald became popular very quickly, and they began making a series of shorts for him. Sadly, the studio ended up taking the rights for Oswald, and Disney and Ub Iwerks, one of the animators who stayed with Disney, stayed together to create Mortimer the mouse. However, Mortimer did not end up being as popular as Oswald. He ended up changing the mouse’s name to Mickey, who at first was also not gaining any popularity. Then “Steamboat Willie” happened in 1928. It was the first time both music and sound effects were both used at the same time, and it was a hit. A few years later he received a makeover, and has been around since being the adorable mouse that he is.

Montblanc wanted this pen to be inspired by such a legacy, and it’s color choice for the barrel is actually inspired by “Steamboat Willie”. The design of the pen is also inspired by the famous Monorail system at Disneyworld in Florida.

The barrel and cap are made from black precious resin, and have hidden mickey ears all over the barrel, as well as a 3D resin molding integrated into the barrel. Walt Disney’s signature is also featured on the cap. A very interesting part of this pen is that at the cone there are a set of coordinates engraved to represent where the position of the garage belonging to Walt Disney’s uncle was. This garage is celebrated because it is where his brother created a camera stand.There’s also a yellow accent ring around the thread and barrel, as well as a red ring around the cone to represent Mickey’s iconic outfit.

This special edition pen comes in a fountain pen, rollerball, and ballpoint. There is a limited edition fountain pen as well, that is similar in shape and size, but has blue and black laquer inlays with the Mickey Mouse portrait in scanimation effect. Scanimation, which is also called a “kinegram”, creates a picket fence animation. This effect was invented in the late 1890’s, and then a man named Rufus Butler Seder brought it back to life. This is the first time Montblanc has used this effect.

Alongside the release of these pens are the notebooks and inks. The inks are a bright yellow, which is inspired by the shoes of Mickey Mouse.

I do personally think that the pens look a lot better in person. You really get to see all the fine detail, that can be a lot harder for a camera to capture. It has a good weight to it, and feels decent when writing with it. The only deal breaker for some people, however, is that it sadly does not post. I do really enjoy the texture of the barrel, and it doesn’t seem to be bothersome when writing with it.

This pen is perfect for all of us Disney enthusiasts and collectors, and such a magnificent way to remember and celebrate the truly great character that is Walt Disney.