Ink to Match the Fall Mood

Dear Pen Heads,

Here in Maryland we are fully in the swing of Autumn. Sweaters have been taken out of storage and fall inks colors have come out of the ink drawer. This season we're reaching for a variety of earthy pink tones. Check them out and tell us what your favorite fall pink inks are!

Sailor Jentle Sakura-Mori (Cherry Blossom Pink)

This ink is a vibrant and complex cherry blossom petal pink. We think that with a wet nib, the Sakura-Mori is also spot on for some of the most captivating fall foliage around.

J. Herbin Rouille D'Ancre (rusty anchor)
This is a gorgeous vintage pink that looks like fall sunsets and turning leaves. It is very subtle ink that looks mature and like it belongs in an old journal or a love letter.

Buy J. Herbin Rouille D'Ancre here.

Noodler's House Divided
This is one of the newest inks that Noodler's has come out with. It's also one of the most unusual colors we've ever encountered. It starts off a pink-brown and after a few days on paper turns into a medium-brown with pink undertones. It's truly fascinating (as well as the story behind it) and has a great vintage vibe to it. The bottle is also a stunner!

Buy Noodler's House Divided here.

Noodler's Ink House Divided 3 oz Ink Bottle

We hope you like our top fall pink ink picks! Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page what your favorite fall inks are.

The Pen Boutique Team