Lokta Paper and Pen Matchups

Summertime is the time for Graduations, Father’s Day and Weddings. If you are looking for that perfect gift, consider the Monk Papers Stationery which can be paired up with numerous pens that we have in stock. Consider the following suggestions to get you started:

1. The Monk Paper Veg Dyed Fern Leaf Fuschia Travel Journal which pairs nicely with the Monteverde One-Touch Stylus Ballpoint Pink, One-Touch Skin Ballpoint Wild Pink or the One-Touch Pink Ballpoint.

2. The Lokta Hemp Fiber Stationery Box Set goes great with the Metropolitan Museum of Art Ball Point Pen, fashioned from the Magnolias and Irises leaded-glass window by Louis Comfort Tiffany. This would make a perfect gift for a graduate who is going off to college or for a bride to write personalized thank you notes.

3. A great gift for anyone who keeps a journal is the Monk Paper Tangerine Quotation Journal which pairs up nicely with the Limited Edition Copper Orange Fountain Pen, Rollerball or Ballpoint pens.

4. Feel free to pair the Monk Paper Veg Dyed Fern Leaf Teal Boxed Lokta Notelet Set with either the Metropolitan Museum of Art Van Gogh Irises Ballpoint or the Louis Comfort Tiffany Peacock Feather Favrile glass vase. These notelets can be used with silver, white or gold ink or as a cover for your own personal paper.

5. The Monk Paper Marigold Petal Stationery Set goes well with Metropolitan Museum of Art Lotus Sutra Ballpoint. A dainty set for a dainty lady celebrating a birthday, anniversary or graduation!

6. The bright and colorful Monk paper Batik Multicolor Patchwork Stationery Box Set is shown here with an array of Kaweco Sport ballpoints and pencils. These combinations should truly make writing fun for the young graduates!