Is it a good idea to use the luxury fountain pens in your collection?

Is it a good idea to use the luxury fountain pens in your collection?

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Fountain pens vary widely in price and collectability. While some luxury pens are widely available from pen boutiques, others are part of limited production collections that are only available for purchase for a short time. Deciding whether or not to use these high-value irreplaceable pens can be a difficult decision. Find out below what some of our readers think collectors should do with their unique pens.

Dan Fugardi

Dan Fugardi

Dan Fugardi, Managing Partner at Vantage BP.

A Collectible Item Should Remain “Mint”

I believe that if you are truly a collector, you should never use the item. Pens are needed for very few things today. You should have one pen you use if you happen to write a lot and like how it writes, but ultimately, experts can tell when things have been used, and all collector items should remain mint whenever possible.

Darrian Wilkins

Darrian Wilkins

Darrian Wilkins, Founder of Kitchen Fold.

Weigh Your Options

It is okay to use luxury fountain pens even if [they are part of your] collection. I believe that it is a great idea [to have a pen] collection if it is practical and still within your budget. If you have the money, then there's no problem collecting luxury fountain pens.

Sean Harris

Sean Harris, Managing Editor of Swing Coaches.

Enjoy Your Collection

In my opinion, it is still a good idea to use luxury fountain pens even if you only want to collect them. Luxury fountain pens have great value. If you are a collector, not only [is the value] of the item [important], but the satisfaction and happiness the item brings to you. Luxury fountain pens are designed to last long, so it is okay to collect this type of pen.

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