When fine writing and jewellery collide

When fine writing and jewellery collide


A Closer Look at the pens of David Oscarson

Black Water Dragon & Celestial Blazing Saffron pictured below


Celestial Blazing Saffron

Black Water Dragon


18k solid gold Medium w. Ebonite feed

18k solid gold Medium w. Plastic feed


Sterling Silver w. Hard enamel and Guilloche work

Gold Vermeil, ruby, pearl w. Hard Enamel and Guilloche

Filling Mechanism

Cartridge & Converter, Eyedropper

Cartridge & Converter, Eyedropper


82g capped, 45g uncapped, 

108g capped, 48g uncapped


13.25 cm uncapped, 15.4 cm capped

13.5 cm uncapped, 15.75 cm capped

Ink Capacity

.86ml converter, 1ml cartridge

.86ml converter, 1ml cartridge

History & Origin

    Originally a jeweler, David Oscarson began producing luxury fountain pens in the year 2000 and has been keeping up a steady production ever since with his pens becoming almost legendary in the fountain pen world. He has a keen eye for detail and his jewelers background means he knows how to add that extra bit of beauty through the use of guilloche and hot enamel work which really adds depth to the surfaces of the writing instrument. The research and effort he puts into every new design is very thoughtful and makes the pen feel that much more special with all these hidden little meanings and cool details, you'll be discovering new things about the design day by day. Let's take a closer look at these beautiful pieces that we just got into the store and what you can expect from this level of mastery and eye for detail. 

Please keep in mind that this blog is just a look at some of his models and all of the rest can be found on our website!

Appearance & Packaging

    A luxury pen has to have luxury packaging and this is no exception, each Oscarson pen arrives to you in a black cardboard box that reveals a lacquered burl wood box bearing the name of the man himself on the outside. Inside the box you will see your new pen protected in a soft single pen sleeve surrounded by a black plush fabric but more is hiding under the tray that the pen sits on. Below you will find 2 packs of short standard international cartridges in black and blue, an eyedropper, and a converter which is essentially everything you need to start writing aside from an actual ink bottle if you are going to utilize the last two options. But that's enough of the box, let's take a look at the actual star of the show, the pen. Each one of these pens takes an unbelievable amount of skill with the craftsman having to go through a 7 year long internship period before they can even begin work on these art pieces. 
    The guilloche patterns are cut by a diamond and even this process has to be monitored and moved by hand to give the depth and difference of height in the engravings whether they are surface or going to be under the hard enamel. The actual enamel being used on these pens is called hot enamel which is crushed glass that is mixed with metal oxides to give color but this is a tricky process. This is because each oxide has a different melting point and they need to be melted in the correct succession to avoid the oxides burning and turning off color, there is also about a 20% failure rate on each enamel layer, there are 6 layers on most of the pens he makes, that's insane. 
    The two pens that we have in the store currently are both considered some of his most popular design, especially the celestial, the celestial has a clip similar to the ray of a sun, the water dragon has a roll stop instead of a clip, the dragon has a pearl in its mouth and rubies for its eyes.

Nib & Performance

    The actual nib is a Jowo #6 and on his website it states that they are supposed to come with ebonite feeds but that seems to be a bit hit or miss because some that I've seen don't but some do so just keep that in mind. I would also suggest heat setting the feeds when you get them and before you ink it up because it looks like they may have shift since originally being installed but that's not anything to be worried about and is pretty standard when it comes to ebonite feeds. The nib bears a custom scroll work design as well as the D & O design that is the logo for the brand which adds a little flair. The nib is 18k gold and is pretty stiff with not much in the way of flex or character but the ebonite feed helps with the ink flow and provides for a very enjoyable writing experience.  


  • The highest quality of materials are used.
  • Eye dropper compatible.
  • Heirloom quality that will last for generations if cared for.
  • Tons of cool, meaningful and thought-out designs to choose from.


  • High entry price.
  • Glass enamel is delicate.


    Based on what I've written up until this point it should be no surprise that I think these pens are magnificent pieces of art that are well thought out and even better executed. There is really no other brand that does fine writing quite like David Oscarson does because no other brand is machining solid rods of sterling silver and then doing fine hot enamel work on intricate designs like this. We have a couple of their pens in store but the rest of them can be special ordered from our website, keep in mind that there will be quite a wait usually but the wait is well worth it! Each DO fountain pen comes at a price of $5,900 and comes with all the accoutrements that I mentioned above so check out our stock on our website and stop by the store!