Which Waterman Pen Suits You Best?

Which Waterman Pen Suits You Best?


Lewis Edson Waterman was about to close a big sale with a client. However, his fountain pen leaked. The leaky pen cost him the deal. Determined to create a superior product, Waterman developed a new feed system called the three fissure feed system to prevent ink from oozing from the pen all at once. This invention led him to design his own pen known as The Regular, which he patented in New York in 1884. That same year, the Ideal Pen Company was born.

Over the next several years, Waterman continued to improve his pen’s design and functionality, introducing the Spoon Feed ink delivery system in 1899. His company, now known as the LE Waterman Company, received the gold medal of Excellence at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900. This award set the stage for the company’s later expansion into France. In 1926, Jules Fagard created the JIF Waterman Company in France. Waterman pen manufacturing moved overseas.

In 1939, confident in their pens’ quality and innovation, the Waterman Company did something no other company had done before. They began offering a 100-year warranty on their Hundred Year Pens. In doing so, Waterman sent a clear message that their pens were made to last a lifetime.

The Waterman Legacy

While the Waterman Company continues to innovate and improve their ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens, the legacy left by Lewis Waterman is pervasive in everything they do today. In the first 60 years that the Waterman Company was in business, several improvements were made to their pens. These improvements included more reliable ink delivery systems, an ink flow proof retractable tip, and the introduction of glass and later plastic ink cartridges. With each successive change, Waterman pens became better writing tools.

Though much of the company’s time and energy focused on innovation, they did not forget about aesthetic appeal. To this day, Waterman pens are made with only the best materials. The pen shafts feature aluminum, silver plating, lacquer, steel, and enamel. Each pen features a cap or twist function that protects the tip when the pen is not in use. These pens make great company gifts as they can be personalized with a company logo using laser engraving or pad printing.

Waterman Pen Design

Inspired by rockets, sailboats, and modern architecture, Waterman pens are designed to be a work of art. Each pen line is unique and appeals to a different audience. Pens in each line are available as a fountain pen, ballpoint or rollerball pen. If you are thinking about investing in a Waterman pen, take a close look at each one. Find the one that speaks to you visually and works for you functionally. There truly is an option for everyone.


These stylish pens are cigar-shaped and feature a shaft made of metal and lacquer. They are available in many color combinations, including silver, red, blue, and black. Depending on the pen, the accents are either chrome or 23-carat gold. The ballpoint and rollerball versions feature a cap button to retract the tip.


Waterman Pen

Easily recognizable by their slender colorful lacquer shafts, these pens are designed to be eye-catchers. They are also known for their durability and ease of use. They are, indeed, luxurious pens.


Waterman Pen

Inspired by modern architecture, Perspective pens are ultra-modern in appearance. Each pen showcases the contrast between the black lacquer body and gold or chrome trim. This contrast mimics the dichotomy of glass and steel used in many modern buildings.


Designed with an ocean cruiser in mind, the Carene is the ultimate luxury writing utensil. Only the best materials are used in manufacturing this pen. You can buy it with either a black or amber body paired with 18-carat gold or silver-plated accents. It is interesting to note that these pens’ black color is known as “black sea,” invoking images of the pen’s inspiration.


Waterman pen

Being the exception to the rule is not necessarily a bad thing in this case. A modern addition to the Waterman pen lines, this pen is the only one without a round shaft. The shaft of these pens is angular. This quadrangle shaft makes the pen comfortable and easy to grip.


These pens are made to meet the same quality standards and bear the signature pocket clip featured on other Waterman pens. However, pens in the Allure line may appeal more to those just starting a pen collection, as they are more affordable. Most Allure pens have a slender pastel-colored shaft. If that doesn’t work for you, you can also find the pen in a darker camouflage design.

The Waterman Company is not new to pens. They have been making quality pens for well over a century. Founded on the idea that pens should work well and last a lifetime, they stand by their quality and workmanship still today.