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Lamy Pens

Pen Boutique is a Lamy Platinum Circle Member. 

Lamy was founded in Heidelberg, Germany in 1930 by Josef Lamy who was originally a sales representative for Parker. Anyone will tell you that Lamy writing  products have a distinctly serviceable feel. Other companies value flashy designs, names and promotions, and while Lamy Pens has a certain fashionable sense of its own, their pens never forget what they actually are: pens. Not jewelry, but pens; meant to be practical, useful, elegant and, if excellence permits, stylish. In fact, acclaimed British author Neil Gaimon wrote his book “American Gods” with a Lamy 2000 pen! The renowned novelist lovingly refers to the device as his “novel writing pen.” Lamy is not only the leading fountain pen manufacturer in Germany and Europe, but it is currently one of the best-selling brands of fine writing instruments around the world. Ranging from practical to elegant, Lamy have had a long tradition of excellence and efficiency. Known for their great quality at amazingly affordable prices, These pens are great for both beginner and expert pen users.

Pen Boutique is a top-seller of Lamy fountain, ballpoint, rollerball and pencils. Proceeds from these sales are routinely donated to sponsor local schools and libraries  in Maryland and to encourage the art of fountain pen writing among children.