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Colorverse Ink - Limited Edition - The Standard Model - Particle element themed.

SKU: C_1CILE0500000SSM

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Colorverse's New Limited Edition collection, The Standard Model, comprises 17 vibrant inks representing the particles that form the matter of our universe.

The Standard Model of Particle Physics involves the combination of Quarks and Leptons to build matter held together by Bosons and governed by four fundamental forces. Colorverse has created The Standard Model set to assign brilliant, unique, and exclusive shades to these particles of matter. These 17 particulate hues stand for the 6 Quarks, 6 Leptons, and 5 Bosons.


Product Specifications

Brand Colorverse
Colors Assorted
Compatibility Suitable for all Fountain Pen Brands
Material Glass Bottle
Size 65ml + 15ml
Type Ink Bottle


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