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Colorverse Ink - Spaceward - Lights on Ceres-Pen Boutique Ltd
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Colorverse Ink - Spaceward - Lights on Ceres

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Unveil the Mysteries of Ceres

Embark on a captivating writing journey with Colorverse Spaceward - Lights on Ceres (65ml). Inspired by the first spacecraft to orbit a dwarf planet, this ink captures the wonder of space exploration and the hidden secrets of celestial bodies. Let your written words illuminate the unknown with every stroke.

The base color shimmers with a soft, dusty rose hue, reminiscent of the subtle light gracing the surface of Ceres. This captivating shade isn't a flat pink, but a complex and intriguing mix of warm oranges and cool browns, echoing the unique geological makeup of this dwarf planet.

Colorverse inks are renowned for their exceptional quality. Spaceward - Lights on Ceres is no exception. Formulated with high-grade ingredients, it glides effortlessly across the page, ensuring a smooth and consistent writing experience. Let the ink flow freely, just like the insatiable quest for knowledge that drives scientific exploration.

This captivating ink set makes a delightful gift for any writer, artist, or space enthusiast. The evocative colors, exceptional performance, and convenient packaging make it a truly special present that will inspire creativity and ignite a love for scientific discovery and the exploration of celestial mysteries.

Order yours today and illuminate your writing with the wonder of space exploration!


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