Colorverse Ink - Spaceward - Proxima B-Pen Boutique Ltd
Colorverse Ink - Spaceward - Proxima B-Pen Boutique Ltd
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Colorverse Ink - Spaceward - Proxima B

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Crystal planet Einstein ring Hubble zoom Lights on ceres Mars curiosity Morning star Proxima b Saturn v Sea europa Sea of tranquillity Space laika Sunspot
Embark on a Cosmic Adventure

Blast off on an inky odyssey with Colorverse Spaceward - Proxima B! This captivating ink, inspired by the nearest star to our solar system, captures the essence of deep space exploration and the mysteries that lie beyond. Let your written words journey across the cosmos with every stroke.

Experience a base color that evokes the inky blackness of interstellar space. This captivating shade isn't a flat, monotonous blue, but a complex and intriguing mix of cool blues and subtle hints of violet, reminiscent of the vastness of the cosmos.

Formulated with high-grade ingredients, it glides effortlessly across the page, ensuring a smooth and consistent writing experience. Minimize skipping and feathering, even on lower-quality paper, and focus on capturing your thoughts and ideas without technical interruptions.

The 65ml bottle provides a long-lasting supply of this captivating ink. Whether you're a prolific writer, a passionate artist, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of unique inks, this bottle offers ample ink for all your endeavors. Explore different writing styles, experiment with artistic effects, and lose yourself in the captivating beauty of space with every stroke.

Order yours today and let your writing embark on a thrilling adventure across the cosmos!


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