Graf Von Faber-Castell Lapis Lazuli Ink cartridges Box/6

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Burned orange Cognac brown Carbon black Cobalt blue Midnight blue Moss green Electric pink Heritage violet Gulf blue India red ink Viper green Yozakura Olive green Turquoise
Introducing our exquisite Lapis Lazuli Ink by Graf Von Faber-Castell

Elevate your writing experience with the unparalleled richness of our Lapis Lazuli Ink. A captivating deep blue hue draws inspiration from the illustrious history of Ancient Egypt, where it adorned the crowns of pharaohs like Nefertiti and graced the opulent mask of Tutankhamun. Now, this timeless shade takes center stage as the official ink for the 2023 Pen of the Year: Ancient Egypt.

Collector's Edition: Commemorate the 2023 Pen of the Year with this limited-edition ink, making it an essential addition to any writing enthusiast's collection.

Experience the allure of ancient history and the world of writing come together with our Lapis Lazuli Ink. Elevate your writing to a new level of elegance and sophistication.


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