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Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2023 Fountain Pen - Ancient Egypt (Limited Edition)

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Let's celebrate the 3,000 year old history of ancient Egypt in the form of a Fountain Pen by Graf Von Faber-Castell!

[Available Nib Sizes: F-M-B]

Every year Graf Von Faber-Castell celebrate a special highlight in the Graf von Faber-Castell Collection: the Pen of the Year. Each limited edition tells the tales of eras and peoples whose deeds shaped the history of humanity. In 2023, the Pen of the Year is inspired by ancient Egypt, its 3,000-year-old history, gods and goddesses, mythology and achievements.

The people of ancient Egypt called their home Kemet (meaning “Black Land”): Every year in the summer months, the earth was flooded and fertilized by the dark silt of the Nile River.

The Kingdom of Egypt in northern Africa arose from this origin with its pharaohs, pyramids, and deities.

Debut of Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2023

The first element of the Pen of the Year 2023, the cap, draws inspiration from one of the most famous art treasures of ancient Egypt: Nefertiti's tall crown. The shape of her headpiece was rare and was a symbol of her position of power.

The engraved pattern of the lotus on the end piece of the Pen of the Year 2023 represents regeneration and rebirth, because the petals close up every day and sink into the water as the sun goes down, only to rise up once again as the sun comes back up. As one of the most significant symbols in ancient Egypt, the delicate plant graced alabaster vessels, jewelry and columns.

Gold was the symbol of power and wealth in Ancient Egypt and can be found in impressive pieces of jewelry, tools, vessels and masks. The famous Eye of Horus is engraved in a 24-carat-gold-plated disc on the end piece of the Pen of the Year 2023. The god Horus' left eye, known as the eye of the moon, is seen as a symbol for healing, protection, perfection and power.

Considered to be the oldest form of Egyptian writing, hieroglyphs were used for more than 3,500 years for rituals and religious purposes, as well as to pass down knowledge from generation to generation. Using hieroglyphs, the names of 12 ancient deities are engraved on the metal barrel of the Pen of the Year 2023 which has a diamond-like carbon coating.

The beetle was sacred in ancient Egypt and was seen as a lucky symbol as well as a symbol of the sun that represented life and rebirth. We have engraved the scarab in a reconstructed lapis lazuli that shimmers bright blue in the end piece of the cap of the Pen of the Year 2023. This deep blue color became associated with water and the divinity of the night sky. It was used for lavish jewelry pieces, the pharaohs’ clothing and relics.

The grip of the Pen of the Year 2023 is inspired by the stripes of gold and lapis lazuli as seen on the pharaoh's (per-aa) nemes head cloth. 24-carat-gold-plated metal rings and blue rings meticulously hand-painted with several coats call to mind the valuable headdress reserved solely for the pharaohs.

Gift Box
The Pen of the Year comes packaged in a highly-lacquered wood gift box. Beneath the upper tray is a second tray which is ideal for storing additional pens.

Ink Lapis Lazuli (Complimentary)
Inspired by lapis lazuli, “Egyptian blue” is one of the oldest man-made colors. It graces the Nefertiti headdress and the mask of Tutankhamun. The dark blue was a divine color alongside gold in ancient Egypt. The 2023 Pen of the Year fountain pen comes with a bottle of this rich blue ink.

FINISH: Anicient egypt

Aztecs 2005 2008 Ancient egypt


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Product Specifications

Brand Graf Von Faber-Castell
Cap Mechanism Screw Cap
Colors Black
Complimentary Packaged with lapis lazuli ink bottle.
Dimensions 5.4" L X 0.6" D
Filling Mechanism Plunger mechanism
Grip Material Lapis Lazuli and Gold Decorations
Has Clip Yes
Length Capped 5.4" L
Length Posted 7.1" L
Material Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Nib Color Gold
Nib Material Magnum sized 18 carat gold
Refills & Inks Graf Von Faber-Castell Bottled Ink
Series Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year
Special Features Barrel is adorned with decorative hieroglyphs representing 12 enigmatic deities from ancient Egypt
Trims Titanium PVD coated
Type Fountain
Warranty Guarantee period of 24 months, starting with the date of purchase. T & C Applied.