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Kaweco Spare Nib - Gold Plated Steel 060

SKU: K_10001024

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The gold-plated Kaweco 060 steel spring is 14 carat gold plated. A welded-on iridium grain at the tip and a precisely measured spring slot minimize the tolerances.

All Kaweco fountain pen nibs are made exclusively in Germany

Note: This spring fits all fountain pens of the following Kaweco series: AL Sport, AC Sport, Liliput, Student, and Dia2.


Product Specifications

Brand Kaweco
Colors Gold
Compatibility Suitable for Kaweco Fountain Pens: Ice Sport, Classic Sport, Skyline Sport, Chess, Guilloche
Material Stainless Steel - Gold plated
Number of Items 1 per pack
Size EF-F-M-B-BB
Type Nib


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