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Montblanc Meisterstuck Cufflinks - Great Masters - Pirelli - Steel Red

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The Montblanc presents Great Master Pirelli Cufflinks in Steel Red!

The uncompromising skills of the Montblanc masters live on in the 100+ production stages that are required to craft a Meisterstuck writing instrument.

Celebrating the common commitment to craftsmanship, the Meisterstuck Great Masters Pirelli Limited Edition 1872 united the art of writing and the art of making tyres

Both Montblanc and Pirelli have developed and refined the skills of their master craftsmen down through the generations. Both brands are aligned in their commitment to very high standards and the preservation of traditional craftsmanship.

They are further connected by the material that defines the origin stories. Pirelli began by manufacturing rubber products of all kinds. 

Since 1872, when Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded a business manufacturing miscellaneous products from vulcanized rubber in Milan, Italy, the name Pirelli has been synonymous with a pioneering spirit, innovation and masterful product excellence.

The first important activity of the brand that would make his famous throughout the world was the production of telegraph cables and power lines before it moved into making tyres. It is among the world’s major producers of tyres for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles and associated services.

The success of the tyre venture is closely tied to the history of the modern automobile. Many legendary cars in the early 20th century were fitted with Ercole, the first car tyres produced by Pirelli.

At present, the company participated in over 350 car and motorcycle sport events and since 2011 it has been the exclusive tyre supplier to the FIA Formula One Championship. Such a prominent presence in motorsport enables Pirelli to generate avant-garde solutions which are then transferred to tyre ranges for the consumer market, providing for maximum levels of performance and safety.


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Product Specifications

Brand Montblanc
Can Engrave No
Colors Red
Design Round Profile
Dimensions 0.6" L x 0.4" D
Finish UltraBlack ruthenium-coated
Material Stainless Steel
Mechanism Clasp
Type Cufflinks
Warranty 2 years