Montegrappa Venetia Celluloid Fountain Pen - Pearl Grey - US Exclusive (Limited Edition)-Pen Boutique Ltd

Montegrappa Venetia Celluloid Fountain Pen - Pearl Grey - US Exclusive (Limited Edition)

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Nib Size:Extra Fine

FINISH: Pearl grey

Venetia pearl grey Venetia dark blue Venetia lapis lazuli Venetia glittering blue Marshmallow
Limited to 100 pieces numbered edition
Venetia Celluloid US Exclusive Fountain Pen in Pearl Grey finesse by Montegrappa!

Montegrappa’s boutique blending of colored resin results in complex Montegrappite textures only nature can design. Batch-blended by hand, no two pens are exactly alike. Artisanal production leads to reduced waste and new recycled blends.

For centuries, Venice has had a way of capturing the imagination of anyone who has visited. Its improbable success has been an artistic and architectural inspiration since its humble start as a trading village millennia ago. At times, Venice has been the aristocratic capital of Europe and at others, it has been a tourist destination for college students, but one thing has always remained the same: there is nowhere on earth that captures the beauty and ingenuity of Italian elegance quite like Venetia.


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