Pineider Avatar UR Traveler Fountain Pen - Twin Tank Touchdown Graphene Black-Pen Boutique Ltd
Pineider Avatar UR Traveler Fountain Pen - Twin Tank Touchdown Graphene Black-Pen Boutique Ltd
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Pineider Avatar UR Traveler Fountain Pen - Twin Tank Touchdown Graphene Black

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Nib Size:Fine

COLOR: Black

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Feel free to use Avatar UR Traveler Fountain Pen in Graphene Black finesse by Pineider!
[Available Nib Sizes: F-M]

Pineider is pleased to present Avatar Traveler which adds to the typical features of the line, material resistance, magnetic closure, clips with refined mechanics, a refined and avant-garde filling system. Avatar Traveler allows not only a great autonomy of writing, and, in complete safety, air travel without worries, definitively solving the problem of using the fountain pen while traveling, freeing everyone from the obligation to carry it in an upright position. More simply you can put the pen in your briefcase, in any way without worrying about any accidental loss.

Avatar Traveler uses a filling system, Twin Tank Touchdown, which allows two writing positions, short writing and long writing, which are activated thanks to an ingenious mechanism inside the caseback. In other words, the pen has two twin tanks, a large one that serves as a reserve and a small one that is always connected to the nib. The bayonet caseback closure system, an integral part of the filling mechanism, is, at the same time, simple, ingenious and efficient. It allows you to open and close the ink passage quickly and intuitively. After loading the pen from the inkwell, both tanks will be filled but only the contents of the first tank will be used, the smaller one always connected to the nib as in any other pen but with a size equal to 25% of a standard cartridge. This eliminates the risk of accidental leaks.

Once exhausted, if you want to reload the writing reservoir, then the front tank is enough to rotate the bottom counterclockwise a few degrees and a spring will pop up the mechanism in the open position. To force the ink towards the nib, if necessary, you can press down the 2 or 3 times. To return it to the closed position, press the bottom again, making sure that the pawls are aligned, and rotate it a few degrees, about ¼ of a turn, until the reference coincides with the LOCK position.

It is suggested to keep the small tank always full, thus avoiding the losses caused by the variation in atmospheric pressure, because it does not contain air. If you want you can choose to simply keep it empty, filling it only when you want to write.

Twin Tanks Touchdown instructions for use

1) FILLING THE PEN: The plunger works with the principle of the inverted syringe, when you press the seal it creates a vacuum which then, at the end of the stroke, sucks the ink. So if you want to load the pen, you have to rotate the bottom counterclockwise until the spring releases it and pushes it upwards. Then pull out until the plunger is fully visible. Now dip the nib into the ink to cover the section, and holding the pen with one hand, press the bottom with the other with a gentle but progressive movement, taking care to do it vertically without forcing the shaft into an unnecessary fold. Finally tighten the bottom by pressing and turning to the LOCK position.

2) SHORT WRITING: In the short writing position, the pen writes for a few pages in complete safety because the plunger closes the ink duct, isolating it from the large tank and protects the pen from ink leaks due to pressure (in an airplane, cold and heat, lifts). The blind cap is positioned on LOCK. In this position the small tank has enough ink for a few pages of writing, remembering that calligraphy and nib can affect the length.

3) LONG WRITING: In the long writing position, the plunger opens the duct that joins the small and large tanks and allows the continuous passage of ink with an autonomy of over 6 cartridges. The blind cap is positioned on OPEN. When you finish writing, put it back on the LOCK. This position is only recommended for long writing sessions at home and you should always remember to close it.

4) FILLING the small tank: In the Short writing position, padlock closed, if you have used the whole small tank, turn the bottom to open and press the bottom 2 or 3 times to facilitate the transfer of ink from large to small. Then return the blind cap to LOCK.

5) USE IN PLANE: in the short writing position there are no particular recommendations but it is advisable to completely fill the small tank before take-off to have a long range once in flight and to avoid pressure changes. If you run out of the small tank in flight, fill it as in step 4.

6) PEN READY TO USE: it is possible to empty the small tank by turning the blind cap to the OPEN position keeping the nib facing upwards, and letting the ink flow into the large tank. Once the bottom is returned to LOCK, you will have an empty pen but with the second tank full and ready for use.


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