Platinum Ink Bottle Set - Chou Kuro - 60ml (Limited Edition)-Pen Boutique Ltd
Platinum Ink Bottle - Chou Kuro - 60ml-Pen Boutique Ltd
Platinum Ink Bottle Set - Chou Kuro - 60ml (Limited Edition)-Pen Boutique Ltd
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Platinum Ink Bottle - Chou Kuro - 60ml

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COLOR: Black

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The “blackest black” ink in Platinum Penʼs history of over 100 years!

For those who crave the ultimate black, dive into the mesmerizing depths of Platinum's Chou Kuro ink. This 60ml bottle houses a revolutionary pigment-based formula, pushing the boundaries of darkness to deliver an ink 46.8% blacker than Platinum's renowned Carbon Black. It's not just black, it's Chou Kuro: the blackest black you've ever experienced.

Unleash the Darkness:

    • Intensely rich, near-mythical blackness: Witness lines that leap off the page with stark definition, perfect for bold statements and intricate details.
    • Ultimate permanence: Cherish your words for eternity. Chou Kuro is water-resistant, fade-resistant, and feather-resistant, ensuring your creations stand the test of time.
    • Smooth, effortless flow: Glide through your writing with a luxuriously wet experience. Chou Kuro lays down consistently, without skipping or bleed-through.
    • Elegantly bottled: Housed in a sleek, 60ml glass bottle with a convenient eyedropper for easy filling.

More than just ink, Chou Kuro is:

    • A testament to innovation: Platinum's dedication to ink mastery shines through in this breakthrough formula.
    • A statement piece: Elevate your writing experience with a touch of exquisite darkness.

Embrace the darkness. Unleash your inner ink master. Experience Chou Kuro.

*1: The color may differ depending on the display, printer or paper used.
*2: Lab color space is an organization of colors used for measuring object colors. It uses three values: L represents lightness and defines black at 0 and white at 100, while a and b values represent color components. When both ab values are 0, the color is achromatic. Spread It allows writing sharp and pitch-black lines with little bleeding.


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