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Rickshaw 2 Pen Plush Coozy - Ink Splatter

SKU: RB_CZY-2P-InkSplatter

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Simple, soft and flexible 2-Pen Coozy

The 2-Pen Plush Coozy, featuring ink splatter artwork by @doxiegusgus. Our 2-Pen Coozy is simple, soft and flexible. No flap, no elastic, no Velcro — but still secure (as long as you don't shake it violently upside down). Like all of our pen storage products, the Coozy is lined with our super-soft Royal Plush to protect and pamper your precious pens. The 2-Pen Coozy accommodates pens up to 5.5-inches in length. Perfect for pocket-carry, and sized to nestle neatly into the popular NockCo Sinclair case. Pick one of our color combos, or create your own with our Coozy Customizer.


Product Specifications

Brand Rickshaw
Colors Assorted
Cover Design Ink Splatter artwork by @doxiegusgus
Material Fabric
Mechanism Slide-In
Size 5.5" L


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