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Pilot & Namiki

Affordable & Luxurious writing instruments by Pilot & Namiki

Founded in 1918 under the original name "Namiki Manufacturing Company" by Ryosuke Namiki, the brand has since grown to be the largest pen manufacturer in Japan and has split into two lines, Pilot and Namiki. Pilot carries most of the brands more affordable offerings under $1,500 and Namiki is the subsidiary dedicated to the higher priced luxury pens that have handmade components like Maki-e techniques or Urushi lacquer work. The Pilot brand has made what are now considered to be classic pens like the Custom 823 and 845 and Namiki has worked on producing pieces of art like their Yukari Royale line in addition to the Urushi marvel that is their Emperor line. 

Pen Boutique is an Authorized Dealer of Pilot & Namiki pens, refills and accessories to fulfill all your branded requirements for luxurious writing items.