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Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis planners are sought after for their quality construction, ultra smooth paper and innovative designs. For over 50 years Quo Vadis has helped people organize their time. Our layouts are easy to read with plenty of room to jot interesting ideas and keep important notes. In 1952, a French doctor, F. G. Beltrami, invented the "one week on two pages" planner format. Appointment books at that time were diaries, a "day per page." Dr. Beltrami Frustrated because this format didn't meet his need to plan ahead, Beltrami took a sheet of paper and pen and designed his own time management system. This modern agenda was a combination of a calendar and a journal. Beltrami made his first agenda by stamping a grid of the design on the white pages of a notebook. He called his unique planning grid an "Agenda Planning Diary®." This simple, practical framework allows you to plan and organize your week clearly and precisely. Friends and family were so enthusiastic about his creation, Dr. Beltrami decided to switch careers and form his own company to market his creation. In 1954, Editions Quo Vadis was formed in Marseilles, France. Today, Quo Vadis planners are sold internationally, and are available in French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Japanese and Chinese. The planners sold in the United States are manufactured at the Quo Vadis plant in Hamburg, New York.