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Montblanc Ink bottle - Homage to Van Gogh - Green - 50ml

SKU: MB_130286

Regular price $45.00
50 ml turquoise color ink by Montblanc paying homage to Van Gogh!

Introducing the Montblanc Ink Bottle - Homage to Van Gogh - Green - 50ml 🎨 A limited-time production masterpiece, this exquisite ink is a true tribute to the artistic genius of Vincent Van Gogh. Inspired by the vivid hues and expressive brushstrokes of Van Gogh's timeless masterpieces, this lush green ink captures the essence of his artistic spirit.

As a perfect accompaniment to the Montblanc Van Gogh Masters of Pens 2023 series, this ink elevates your writing experience to a whole new level. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, this luxurious ink is destined to make a lasting impression on collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this rare piece of Montblanc's artistic legacy. The Homage to Van Gogh - Green ink is available only for a limited time, so secure yours today and celebrate the brilliance of one of history's most iconic artists. 🖋️🌟


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Product Specifications

Brand Montblanc
Colors Turquoise
Material Glass
Size 50ml
Type Ink Bottle