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Sailor Professional Gear Fountain Pen - Black - Silver Trim - Slim

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Slim sized Fountain Pen in Black & Silver finesse by Sailor!

Since it was established over 100 years ago, the Sailor Pen Company has proudly maintained its belief in highest quality precision writing Instruments. Still today Sailor offer the discerning customer technical perfection and writing quality.

The Professional Gear series has a broad selection of 14K gold nibs. It has a unique modern 'cutaway' style and has the Sailor anchor logo on the top of the cap. It is available in slim size and has a black color, silver trim and surface finishes.

Sailor has made a new design for their nibs. The pens which are produced from January 2022 onwards will have the new-design nib. The difference between the old nib and the new nib:

  1. New nib does not have '1911' engraved on it
  2. New design of the anchor
  3. New design of the "SAILOR" engraving below the anchor
  4. The 'H' letter (abbreviation of 'Hard') is removed from the nib size indicator on the left side of the new nib 

Depending on the availability of our stock, you may receive the old Sailor nib design or the new Sailor nib.


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